Aakash Adhikari


Akash Adhikari, director, producer and actor. He was born in 2028 B.S. in Nawalparasi district. He has passed diploma in the faculty of film production from 'Madhumati Institution of Mumbai'. At the beginning he had worked in various T.V program as assistant director. In a half dozen of Nepalese films, he established his name as a successful director. He claims to protect the originality of Nepalese culture and recognize it in the international level he has involved in film sector.
To start his profession in this sector by motivating from his brother and he defines film directing as a mirror of events which happens in the society.

He had awarded by All India Radio for the program 'Aafnai Ganmabhumi' and got Best director Awarded for the movie 'Ranabhumi'. He also has been able to register his film in Hollywood film industry named 'Sun Rise' which is ready for filming especially in Upper Mustang area.
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