Niruta Shingh


नीरुता सिहं, the leading actresses of Nepal. She débuted in the movie Dakshina, which was Directed by Tulsi Ghimire. At the early stage of her career, she only acted in Tulsi Ghimire's movies, but after a movie called Thuldai, she started to work with other directors.

She is best known for her acting.She has been seen mainly as the typecast role for many movies and she broke the rule by playing a role of modern girl in Darpanchaya. She was linked up with director Tulsi Ghimire.Her latest hit film in her bag is Bandhaki directed by Kishor Rana and produced by Radha krishna films private limited.Bandhaki was a superhit which bagged more than 10 awards in the nepali film festival 2062. only few people knows that she is a good singer as well. She has sang a song in the movie Called Maiti with Dayaram Dahal
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